EAT’s power to transform the global food systems rests on the caliber of its team, based in Norway, Sweden and France. Bridging the public and private sectors, the research community and civil society, EAT’s team has expertise across a range of relevant areas. These include public health, nutrition, health policy, agricultural science, environmental science, sustainable development, CSR, finance and communication.

Dr. Alessandro Demaio

Chief Executive Officer
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Dag Hvaring

Chief Operating Officer
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Olav Kjørven

Chief Strategy Officer
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Mikael Linnander

Director Partnerships
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Dr. Sudhvir Singh

Director of Policy
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Simona Dargyte

Office Coordinator
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Emily Norford

Policy Officer
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Dr. Brent Loken

Director of Science Translation
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Dr. Fabrice DeClerck

Science Director
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Yvonne Gipling Albin-Amiot

Engagement Officer
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Maria Westin

Engagement Officer
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Amanda Gran

Engagement Officer
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Simen Sletsjøe

Communications Manager
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Elin Bergstrøm

Policy Officer
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Maya Rebermark

Communications Manager EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health
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Ove Kenneth Nodland

Program Manager
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Iain Shepherd

Project Manager for Global Engagement
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