The team, based in Norway, Sweden and France, has expertise across a range of areas relevant to EAT’s mission. These include public health, nutrition, health policy, agricultural science, environmental science, sustainable development, CSR, business and communication. These are the people making sure EAT reaches its goals. The ‘Dream Team’ as Gunhild calls them.

Arne Haugen

Chief Executive Officer
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Dag Hvaring

Chief Development Officer
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Olav Kjørven

Chief Strategy Officer
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Dr. Lujain Alqodmani

Chief Implementation Officer, Advisor to the Executive Chair
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Trine Elisabeth Tokerud

Executive Assistant to the Executive Chair
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Dr. Sudhvir Singh

Director of Knowledge and Programs
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Emily Norford

Implementation Manager
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Andrea Oyuela

Urban Food Systems Officer
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Samantha Nesrallah

Implementation Officer
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Dr. Fabrice DeClerck

Director of Science
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Maria Westin

Implementation Officer
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Simen Sletsjøe

Director of Communication
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Hannah Olwer

Senior Graphic Designer
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Jacob Leslie

Graphic Designer
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Iain Shepherd

Director of Implementation
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Yvonne Gipling Albin-Amiot

Senior Implementation Officer
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Marius Sandvoll Weschke

Implementation Officer
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Arne O’Donoghue

Project Manager FSDs
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Laura Ovies

Project Manager FSDs (on leave)
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Tina Enevoldsen

Senior Development Manager
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Ove Kenneth Nodland

Development Manager
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Siphiwe Dlamini Hovland

Grant Specialist
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Sebastian Nagenborg

Development Officer
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