Action for countries, cities and citizens



EAT Cities is a pillar of our work focused on driving food systems change in the urban context across the globe.

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Good Food Finance Network

The Good Food Finance Network (GFFN) is a multi-stakeholder engagement process aimed at providing actionable insights to high-level financial decision-makers in government, the private sector, and multilateral institutions.

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Grains of Truth

30,000 people in 31 countries share their views on healthy and environmentally responsible food.

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New EU initiative reimagines the European foodscape

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Shifting Urban Diets

Shifting Urban Diets aims to demonstrate how scientific targets for food systems can be operationalized in the city context.

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Food and Land-Use Coalition

FOLU is a self-governing coalition composed of over 30 organizations established to transform the global food and land use systems.

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EAT Cook Club

The EAT Cook Club is a campaign to raise awareness of the positive impact healthy and sustainable food choices have on people and the planet.

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Action for children and youth


CO-CREATE Dialogue Forum Tool

How can we ensure that young people are meaningfully involved in shaping the environments that are required to prevent both obesity and climate change?

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EAT Move Sleep

EAT works with the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) and Bama to inspire children and youth to make healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices.

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Action for Chefs


Chefs’ Manifesto

EAT collaborates with the SDG2 Advocacy Hub to connect and empower chefs from across the world to champion healthy and sustainable diets.

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