Action for countries, cities and business


EAT Cities is a pillar of our work focused on driving food systems change in the urban context across the globe.

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EAT science informs this WBCSD effort to drive the transformation of the food system and to create a set of business solutions for industry change.

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Food and Land-Use Coalition

FOLU is a self-governing coalition composed of over 30 organizations established to transform the global food and land use systems.

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Action for children and youth



CO-CREATE brings together 14 research and advocacy organizations, including EAT, to address this challenge. The innovative project aims to reduce the increasing burden of overweight and obesity among adolescents, by working directly with adolescents to create obesity-preventive policies and promote action among relevant stakeholders.

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EAT Move Sleep

EAT works with the Norwegian Football Association (NFF) and Bama to inspire children and youth to make healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices.

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Children Eating Well (CHEW) is an emerging collaboration between EAT and UNICEF, focusing on the linkages between food systems and child health and nutrition.

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Action for Chefs


Chefs’ Manifesto

EAT collaborates with the SDG2 Advocacy Hub to connect and empower chefs from across the world to champion healthy and sustainable diets.

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Initiatives –

The Plant-Forward Global 50 Ranking

A must-know global list of 50 chefs and restaurants who are advancing plant-forward food choices—each in their own way—and providing inspiration for change.