Planetary Health Shopping List

Ready for a whole week of delicious planetary health dinners? Here is the shopping list.

Here is what you need to make the seven dinners from the weekly planetary health menu. 

The list serves seven dinners for approximately four people. 

Spices & essentials

Ground pepper
Ground cumin
Ground coriander
Smoked paprika
Raw tahini
Cinnamon sticks
Dried chili powder
Sesame seeds
1 bottle of olive oil
1 bottle of vinegar
1 bottle of sesame oil
1 bottle of soy sauce (preferably low-salt)
1 bottle of strong chili sauce
1 small bottle of liquid honey

Vegetable shopping

2 yellow peppers
2 green peppers
3 red peppers
1 sweet pepper
4 red chilies
5 red onions
2 yellow onions
4 spring onions
1 shallot
2-pack garlic
3 lemons
2 lime
1 broccoli
2 cauliflowers
1 package of small salad leaves
400 g oyster or portobello mushrooms
6 cm of fresh ginger
500 g carrots
100 g kale
5 medium beetroots
1 small celeriac
400 g tomatoes
400 g plum tomatoes
400 g cherry tomatoes
2 ripe avocados
1 medium mango
100 g radishes
100 g red cabbage
Fresh or pickled jalapeños
Bundle of fresh basils
Bundle of fresh coriander
Bundle of fresh parsley
Bundle of fresh mint

Other Groceries

1 package of fresh yeast
400 ml plain flour
400 ml wholemeal flour
250 g whole wheat noodles
250 ml bulgur wheat
300 ml pearl barley
200 ml tomato sauce
1 jar tomato purée
200 g grated cheese
80 g feta cheese
100 ml parmesan cheese
600–800 g cod fillet
1 jar of basil pesto
1 package of sushi sheet (nori)
1 small bottle apple juice
1 package of vegetable stock
1 package of chicken stock (or extra vegetable stock)
1 package of beef stock/broth (or extra vegetable stock)
50 g hazelnuts
50 g pumpkin seeds
4 wholemeal tortilla wraps
12 small corn tortillas
1 small package potato starch
1 small carton of natural yogurt
4 eggs
850 g chickpeas
500 g brown beans
400 g chicken breast (or 400 g tofu, tempeh or saitan if you don’t eat meat)
400 g chuck steak (or 400 g extra brown beans if you don’t eat meat)
1 dark chocolate (at least 70%)

Find all the delicious dinner recipes here.

Weekly Dinner Menu #planetaryhealthchallenge


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