Children running

In December 2017, EAT and a group of partners were confirmed successful with an EU Horizon 2020 proposal called CO-CREATE.

The five-year project aims to reduce childhood obesity and its co-morbidities by working with adolescents to create, inform and disseminate obesity-preventive, evidence-based policies.

The project applies a system approach to provide a better understanding of how factors associated with obesity interact at various levels. CO-CREATE will involve and empower adolescents and youth organizations to identify and formulate relevant policies, assess such policies with private and public actors, and promote tools and strategies for implementation.

EAT’s primary role will be to co-develop and prototype a model for multi-stakeholder dialogue forums. The forums are aligned with EAT’s existing programs, and will bring together adolescents, policymakers, and businesses to commit to actions that will enable healthy nutrition and physical activity habits for obesity prevention.

Please visit the CO-CREATE website for more information.