We’ve teamed up with a range of experts to look into the food we eat and provide bite-sized explanations of some of the challenges and opportunities connected with the food we eat and our global food systems.

We’ve also got some of the best chefs from around the world to show you how we can all make a positive contribution to human and planetary health from our very own kitchens. Our friends at Brut are showcasing these sustainable and tasty spins on our favourite dishes between 11-15 October. Check out everything from burgers and pasta to stir fry and stew, have a go yourself and share your dishes on social media with #EATcookclub.

These resources will show you more about the food we eat, our global food systems and what you can do to help:

  • Sam Kass, chef and policy advisor to President Obama, sets the scene by telling us how our food choices can change the course of human history if we act now.
  • The EAT-GlobeScan survey, Grains of Truth, shows you what consumers round the world see as the biggest issues in food and who they think has the power to make the change we need.
  • Scientists from some of the world’s leading research institutions talk about food’s role in climate and how changes to our eating habits can shift the balance in planetary and human health.
  • The team at NowThis help us look at what the future holds for some of our favourite indulgences – are our kids only going to be able to talk about chocolate and wine rather than try it?
  • We’ve even got guidelines for the ranges of different foods that can support human health and environmental sustainability.

The science is clear, and we know we can only transform our global food system if we all work together. So, check out the chefs videos, have a go yourself and share it on social media with #EATcookclub and let’s get everyone making small, delicious changes.

A little goes a long way, so Look, Cook, Share!

Chefs Videos


Anahita Dhondy’s steamed fish

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May Chow’s mushroom burger

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Alejandra Schrader’s vegetarian pasta

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Ali Mandhry’s chicken stew

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Manal Alalem’s stir fry

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EAT Cook Club

Future of Food

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EAT Cook Club

Grains of Truth

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EAT Cook Club


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EAT Cook Club

The EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health

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EAT Cook Club

Partner Campaigns

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