Sam Kass, political advisor and chef, explains why time’s up for promises and we need to fix our food system now.

What does the future for food hold? Most people probably don’t think about it much, and certainly they don’t talk about it. But it’s something we really do need to think and talk about.

Food, and more specifically the production of food, is at the heart of some of the biggest issues we face today. Chronic hunger, obesity, environmental damage, the extinction of species and a third of greenhouse gas emissions: it’s all down to food – how it’s made, how it’s distributed, how much of it we eat and how much of it we throw away.

And ironically food is starting to eat itself. The environmental problems caused by the systems of food production and manufacturing are causing knock on issues which are putting the future of some food in doubt. Chocolate, wine, coffee, tea, honey – they are all facing huge challenges unless we change our ways now. Not tomorrow or by 2030, but now.

But we can change this. By working together, we can build the solutions to shift to healthy diets from sustainable food systems and feed 10 billion people.

Find out more about the problems and some of the solutions for the future of food in this section.

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