Innovating Our Way to Food System Change

Victor Friedberg is eager to build a new soil operation system.

It’s been two years since venture capitalist Victor Friedberg entered the stage at EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2017 and spoke publicly about his dream project for the first time.

FoodShoot Global is now a successful organization working to empower bold ideas and companies to accelerate the transformation to a healthy, sustainable, and equitable food system.

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System Investing

At the EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019, Friedberg talked about his newest obsession: soil. “I believe we need to build a new soil operation system.”

And he is not waiting for governments to take charge. With something he calls “system investing” – a method of investing in companies that takes the entire value chain, from soil to shelf, into account, he believes the necessary changes to our food system can be driven by innovators and investors.

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