EAT-Lancet Launch Events

Global EAT-Lancet launch events 

This list is updated frequently. 

Oslo, Norway;  January 17. 2.30pm-4pm, University of Oslo, Aula. Sold out. Livestream on

Napa Valley, USA; January 17. Organising partner: Culinary Institute of America.

Paris, France; January 18. Organising partner: OECD.

Stockholm, Sweden; January 18. Organising partner: SRC.

Jakarta, Indonesia; January 25. Organising partner: Ministry of Health and Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), Indonesia. 

Brussels, Belgium; January 31. Organising partner: European Economic and Social Committee – Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment.

Melbourne, Australia; February 1. Organising partner: Festival21.

Bangkok, Thailand; February 1. Organising partner: Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2019

New York City, USA; February 5. Global launch at the UN.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; February 7.

Dhaka, Bangladesh; February 13. Organising partners: IFPRI and GAIN

Rome, Italy; February 15. Organising partners: IFAD. Where: FAO Headquarters.

London, United Kingdom; February 20. Organising partner: Centre for Food Policy, City, University of London.

Washington DC, USA; February 20 at Capitol Hill.

Maputo, Mozambique; February 20. Organising partner: GAIN.

Islamabad, Pakistan; February 25. Organising partner: Heartfile.

Beirut, Lebanon; February; Organising partner: American University of Beirut.

Mexico City, Mexico; March 4. Organising partner: The National Institute of Public Health of Mexico (INSP).

New York City, USA; March 4-9. Organising partner: Columbia University.

Vancouver, Canada; March 5. Organising partner: Simon Fraser University.

Ottawa, Canada; March 7. Organising partner: Arrell Food Institute.

Nairobi, Kenya; March 11-15. Organising partner: UNEP.

Toronto, Canada; March 25-27. Organising partner: City of Toronto.

Geneva, Switzerland; March 28. Organising partner: Government of Norway.

Rotorua, New Zealand; April 7. Organising partner: International Union for Health Promotion and Education. 

Washington DC, USA; April 11. Organising partner: World Bank (Spring Meetings).

Paris, France; April. Organising partner: OECD (Development Assistance Committee).