Redesigning Our Tomorrow With Food

Professor Corinna Hawkes is on a mission to find the best solutions for diets, everywhere.
Professor Corinna Hawkes joined the Faces of Food podcast during EAT Food Forum, Stockholm 2019. Photo: Linus Sundahl-Djerf

In the third episode of the Faces of Food podcast, Professor Corinna Hawkes joins us in the studio to talk about how food policies can (re)design our broken food system.

Corinna is the kind of professor you wish you had if you ever went to college. She is warm, brilliant and very passionate about what she does. In the Faces of Food podcast, she opens up about why she became so dedicated to helping the world eat better food.

Don’t miss the first episode: This farmer is making “agri-cooltural” waves in Trinidad and Tobago. 

Prof. Corinna Hawkes moderated a panel during EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019. Leaders and experts from rural to urban and continental spheres spoke to the importance of regional food policies in (re)designing the food systems of the future and how, based on past experience and best practices.

Corinna is the director of food policy at City University of London, and a driving force in the Great Food System Transformation.

She develops food policies to support healthy diets and is dedicated to advancing the thinking and practice of integrated and inclusive food policy through education, research and outreach.

Her previous work with UN agencies, governments and NGOs locally, nationally and internationally, has led her to a global perspective of what action is needed.

What policies are already working – and how do we connect them to have a transformative change within the food system? Tune in on AppleSpotifyCastboxOvercast or your preferred platform.

Prof. Corinna Hawkes joined us for an inspiring conversation in the podcast studio at EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2019. Photo: Linus Sundahl-Djerf

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