Jamie Arbib

Jamie has a History degree from Trinity College, Cambridge and a Masters in Sustainability Leadership, also from Cambridge. He is a qualified chartered accountant and has worked as an investment analyst. Jamie is Chairman of a family office based in London, that has a long-term investment perspective and he also specializes in technology venture capital, focusing on ‘clean’ technologies.

He is the founder of Tellus Mater, a grant-making foundation that works on issues related to sustainability, with a focus on influencing the flows of capital through the financial system. He is the co-Founder of RethinkX, a not-for-profit think tank that has developed a framework to better understand the non-linear nature of technology disruption across the economy and its broad implications across society. It aims to provide key decision makers (policy makers, investors and businesses) with insight and data that captures the potential and implications of these disruptions, to help society make better choices. He also serves in a number of advisory roles in the Investment and Sustainability sectors.