Dr. Usman Mushtaq

Usman Mushtaq is a Medical Doctor from University of Oslo (UiO) and holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Usman is a member of the Board of Trustees of EAT Foundation and has previously been a member of the EAT Advisory Board and Director of Policy and Global Strategy for EAT.

Usman is a member of the Norwegian Labour Party and a board member of Oslo Arbeidersamfunn. He worked for a short period between his studies in the Norwegian Parliament as a Political Advisor to the Parliamentary Group of the Labour Party.

Usman first worked to highlighting the connection between climate change and health in medical school as a member of the Norwegian Medical Student Association and the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA). He went on to serve in the position of Liaison Officer to the World Health Organization, on behalf of the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA), working on issues related to sustainable development.

He also served as Vice President of External Affairs for the IFMSA, representing the interests of over one million medical students worldwide. Usman was the Norwegian Youth Delegate to the 68th United Nations General Assembly, where he chose to focus on youth development and participation policies in the UN system.