How Can We End Malnutrition?

One of the most photographed subjects published on social media is our food. How has something so powerful and nourishing become such a challenge? CEO of EAT, Dr. Sandro Demaio, explains that much of the planet is living with the double burden of malnutrition and obesity. Dr. Demaio links these problems to the commoditization of food and explains how our interconnected health and food problems can conversely be solved by food itself.

You are what you eat. An age-old adage that is as true today as it ever has beenDr. Sandro Demaio


Sandro trained and worked as a medical doctor at The Alfred Hospital in Australia. While practicing as a doctor he completed a Masters in Public Health including fieldwork to prevent diabetes in Cambodia.

In 2010, he relocated to Denmark where he completed his PhD with the University of Copenhagen, focusing on non-communicable diseases. His doctoral research was based in Mongolia, working with the Ministry of Health. He designed, led and reported a national epidemiological survey, sampling more than 3500 households. Sandro held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard Medical School from 2013 to 2015, and was Assistant Professor and Course Director in global health at the Copenhagen School of Global Health, in Denmark. He established and led the PLOS blog, Global Health, and served on the founding Advisory Board of the EAT Foundation. To date, he has authored over 23 scientific publications and more than 85 articles.

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