Gunhild and Runa’s Kitchen

Watch Gunhild Stordalen and Runa Kvendseth share tips for making three nutritious and delicious dishes! Try these healthy and sustainable recipes featuring carrots, onions and sweetheart cabbage in the comfort of your own home.
Gunhild and Runa BAMA

Onion and sweetheart cabbage salad with coriander and lime

Onions and cabbage are a tasty combination. Watch Runa and Gunhild marry both vegetables to produce a delicious seasonal salad or side dish.

Whole raw onions come in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavors and can be stored for up to two to three months. They are a great addition to many dishes. Try them in onion soup, on a burger, or in an exciting cabbage salad.

Make this quick and easy salad at home. Find the recipe here.



Chicken and sweetheart cabbage with curry

The versatile sweetheart cabbage (also known as the hispi cabbage) is an excellent addition to this oven-baked chicken dish with a flavor-packed curry sauce. Watch Runa and Gunhild prepare the dish.

Do you like a great chicken dish with spices and herbs? Find the recipe here.

Soft spring rolls 

The humble carrot, when coupled with mango and red cabbage, is a wonderful addition to soft spring rolls. Watch Gunhild and Runa make this simple and delicious dish below.

This dish is a great opportunity to get lots of healthy vegetables in your diet. Find the recipe here.