Can Underwater Farms Help Fight Climate Change?

Restorative ocean farming could play a vital role in helping our coastal communities, our oceans and our climate.

Underwater farms vs. climate change? – Ayana Johnson and Megan Davis

For billions of people, seafood provides a significant source of protein and nutrition, but over half the seafood we eat isn’t caught in the wild, it’s grown through aquaculture.

Farmed seafood is one of the fastest-growing food industries, but the farming methods echo the problems we’ve seen in industrial agriculture.

Making Aquaculture Sustainable

In the animation video “Underwater Farms vs Climate Change?” marine biologist Ayana Johnson and research associate Megan Davis explain how aquaculture could become sustainable.

“While it’s great for people to individually choose sustainable seafood – whether farmed or wild – its more important for governments to properly regulate the industry, and for corporations to lead on sustainability instead of being dragged toward it,” says Dr. Johnson. “We, as citizens, consumers, chefs, food industry professionals, etc. can insist upon this.”

As the founder of Ocean Collectiv, Dr. Johnson creates and amplifies solutions for a healthy ocean. By having a collaborative of experts, they support clients in advancing ocean sustainability grounded in social justice.

Dr. Johnson spoke at the EAT Stockholm Food Forum in 2017. During a panel discussion, she led by the idea of how to feed a growing world with zero marine degradation. Looks like the idea has flourished into action.

Watch her talk from EAT Stockholm Food Forum 2017 here.

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