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Sow your seed for systemic change through our series of newscasts and participatory events.

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For seven years EAT has brought together scientists and others who care about the future of our planet in order to fix our broken food systems. While we have consolidated a wealth of knowledge and ideas, it’s time to open up the debate – and grow the movement.

We’re setting the table and inviting you to the meal, we hope you’ll join us. It’s time to go big and go home. This is about saving the world.

EAT@Home is a platform that provides a series of 4 newscasts featuring eye-opening speakers, ideas and recipes, all held in concert with online, participatory Side Sessions.

The first newscast delves into the topic of “Shifting to Sustainable Consumption.” Here, we visit the Wuhan food market to examine the food-related roots of the pandemic, cook with our chef of the day, Emilie Nereng, and learn about the importance of the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit from EAT Founder Gunhild Stordalen.

Over the following three programs, EAT explores how we can produce food in a way that restores nature; how farmers and other food producers can receive their fair share; and how we may enable all to access healthy and safe nutrition. We speak with farmers, scientists and chefs, and hear eye-opening discussions with the World Wildlife Foundation’s João Campari and many others.

Parallel to the newscasts, EAT’s partners host a series of Side Sessions. These online events delve into the transformation of food systems across health, climate change, biodiversity, and social equity. The sessions feature active participation, offering you a chance to ask questions and engage directly with some of the world’s foremost food experts.

EAT@Home is your opportunity to engage with, contribute to and influence the movement for food system transformation leading up to the 2021 UN Food Systems Summit. Here, EAT’s executive chair, Gunhild Stordalen, will lead the action track on Shifting to Sustainable Consumption Patterns.

We must come together to demonstrate to governments and food producers how we cannot go on as before. The day after the pandemic must be the day our shift to healthy ecosystems and healthy diets accelerates.


Side Sessions

After each of the four broadcast episodes, EAT@Home will provide a platform for a number of more focused Side Sessions on vital topics, related to healthy and sustainable food.

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