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Diets of children and adolescents

All children have the right to a healthy diet and a sustainable environment. Yet, children are denied this right because of food systems that do not support the quality of our diets, our climate and environment.

Children Eating Well (CHEW), is a partnership between EAT and UNICEF, which aims to do just that; transform food systems to protect and promote the right of children and adolescents to nutritious, safe and affordable diets within planetary boundaries. Earlier this year, EAT and UNICEF convened leading experts to achieve a better understanding of this agenda, and identify opportunities areas for action.


Informed by expert presentations, panels and targeted discussions at the workshop, this report explores:

  • The need for an agenda on healthy and sustainable diets for children.
  • The instrumental role that children and youth can play in transforming food systems.
  • Research gaps and opportunity areas for action, with a focus on affordability of healthy and sustainable diets, influencing public policies, and improving multi-sectoral, multi-scale collaboration.
  • Key considerations in order to successfully develop and implement policies and programmes supporting this agenda.


Making Sure Children Eat Well

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Securing a Healthy and Sustainable Food Future for Children: Advancing the CHEW Agenda

EAT and UNICEF convened 29 distinguished experts in food systems from across the globe for interactive planning and dialog to bring the program to life.

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Press Releases

UNICEF and EAT Announce Collaboration

The two organizations launch work together to improve food environments for healthy and sustainable eating among children and adolescents worldwide.

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