How do children encounter food within a city? How can we make the healthy and sustainable options the most convenient and appealing? This session investigates how to shape the food environment in urban areas so that healthy and sustainable becomes the default, with a particular focus on children and the foods to which they are exposed and have access. A diverse set of participants including city officials, urban planners, researchers, the food retail sector, and international organizations will explore pathways to healthier societies that are beneficial to both people and planet. By sharing effective practices, identifying innovative approaches and levers, and specifying the types of stakeholders who need to be involved, this discussion can uncover commonalities across sectors and regions and plant the seeds for in-depth work.


Co-organizers: C40 and Gehl

Moderator: Anders Nordström, Ambassador for Global Health, Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Room: Lilla Stjärnrummet (Level 11), Quality Hotel Globe (located adjacent to Annexet, the Forum venue)

Time: Tuesday 12 June from 09:00 – 12:00

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Agenda & Background Paper

Please click the links below to download the session’s agenda and background paper.