The Haga Initiative’ vision is a profitable business sector without climate impact. We want to show that companies can do good business and make a profit while at the same time taking active responsibility for addressing climate change. The network is made up of 14 companies: Axfood, Coca-Cola Enterprises Sverige, Green Cargo, Folksam, Fortum Värme, Lantmännen, Löfbergs, JM, McDonald’s, HKScan, Stena Recycling, Statoil Fuel & Retail, Sveaskog and Vasakronan.

Among other things, the member companies make the following commitments:

– that the CEO/management will actively shoulder its responsibility for climate change
– to have a well-founded and ambitious climate strategy
– to calculate and report on their climate impact, in accordance with the GHG Protocol
– to demonstrate a clear downward trend in their emissions
– to have a defined emissions target of at least a 40% reduction by 2020 or similar level of ambition

The Haga Initiative aims for a profitable business sector without climate impact. At the same time, we realize we cannot reach there alone. Collaboration and broad perspectives are key elements moving forward. To meet our common future challenges, it is vital to combine multilateral perspectives. This is exactly what EAT does by connecting the dots; sustainability, health and food. By taking a comprehensive approach, where business, policy makers and scientists meets to find common solutions to problems related to food, is a constructive way of finding long-term solutions for people and the planet.