A transition towards sustainable diets is essential for the health of people and the planet, but there is a major gap between where we are now and where we should be. In particular, there is no good answer yet as to how agricultural policy can help leverage this transition. Given the ongoing reform of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and the new policy framework that will have to take shape in the UK after leaving the EU, addressing this question is highly pertinent in Europe. But also, any country in the world with an agricultural policy will face the challenge either now or in the future.

This Disruptive Dialogue will explore ways that a ‘results-oriented’ agricultural policy could be shaped to underpin the uptake of healthy, sustainable diets. It will provide space to discuss strategic questions such as: What elements of the sustainable diets concept can reasonably be pursued through agricultural policy incentives? What types of objectives, performance indicators and instruments would such policy need? How could a modernized agricultural policy leverage a transition towards a more integrated and coherent policy approach to the food system?

This session is organized with the support of Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso.


Co-organizers: European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) & Eating Better

Moderator: Dr. Aileen Robertson, Public Health Nutritionist, University College Copenhagen

Room: Pluto (Level 3), Quality Hotel Globe (located adjacent to Annexet, the Forum venue)

If you have questions about this session, please contact EAT Policy Officer Elin Bergstrøm, elin@eatforum.org

Please note EAT may take photos during the session – feel free to contact us if you prefer not to be photographed. This session will also be recorded for the purpose of writing an outcome report. The recording will only be available for the session’s co-organizers. Please let us know if you prefer not to be recorded.

Agenda & Background Paper

Please click the links below to download the agenda and background paper.