Time to Go Onward and Upward

Final reflections from the 2018 Stockholm Food Forum.

In their introductory talk on the state of the planet, Johan Rockström and Sania Nishtar urged forum participants and the world to “get to work”. In the final panel of the forum, Sandro Demaio, CEO of EAT, urged the world to go “onward and upward!” His enthusiasm and determination was shared by the Global Environment Facility’s CEO, Naoko Ishii, who was grateful for being given the courage to be stubborn and believe in the need for change. David Nabarro, a curator for a new dialogue on food systems, praised EAT for being a unique platform where science, policy and business can share perspectives. These different perspectives may also lead to a few difficult conversations, but without them transformation can never happen. Anahita Dhondy, one of the most inspiring young female chefs in the world, is now eager to go and to use her voice for change. Carin Jämtin, head of the Swedish International Development Cooperation, urged for a stronger focus on gender issues. Gender equality, she said, will help eradicate hunger. Finally, Charlotte Ersböll, senior advisor to the UN Global Compact, invited the business sector to a solutions-oriented dialogue on placing health issues at the core of any discussion on well-being and development.