Olav Kjørven Steps Down as CEO

Portrait of Olav Kjørven


Olav Kjørven is stepping down as CEO of EAT after more than six years with the organization.

The decision comes as a consequence of a restructuring of the organization and differences between Kjørven and the Board regarding EAT’s strategic direction.

“Kjørven has been deeply committed to EAT over many years, and EAT has gained and achieved a lot thanks to him. He has been a close ally and comrade in arms, but we agree that, after six and a half years with EAT, the time has come for him to seek new challenges. We also agree that we will find ways to collaborate in the future,” says Executive Chair of EAT, Gunhild Stordalen.

Chief Operating Officer at EAT, Tomas Alfred Røen, will replace Olav as CEO.