Rina Augustina

Dr. Rina Agustina is a lecturer for the post-graduate study program in nutrition at the Department of Nutrition in collaboration with SEAMEO Regional Center for Community Nutrition Universitas Indonesia. She also serves as the Chair of Human Nutrition Research Center of the Indonesian Medical Education and Research Institute and Head for Doctorate Study Program – Research Coordinator Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia. She formerly served as a Deputy Director Resource Management, of SEAMEO RECFON (Regional Center for Food and Nutrition). Her expertise lies is in the area of child health and nutrition, especially in the field of Gut Health and Dietary Modulation of Intestinal Infection with Probiotics, Prebiotics and Micronutrient (e.g. calcium. Iron and zinc). Dr. Agustina holds a PhD in Human Nutrition from Wageningen University, The Netherlands and a Master of Science in Nutrition at Universitas Indonesia, with a fellowship from the German Technical Cooperation.