EAT Stockholm Food Forum’s Disruptive Dialogues engage small groups of experts in honest, challenging, solutions-oriented discussions around strategically important topics for transforming the global food systems.

The Disruptive Dialogues are held on Tuesday 12 June, 09.00-12.00, in Quality Hotel Globe.

Due to capacity constraints, only delegates who have been invited and/or signed up in advance will be able to attend the Disruptive Dialogues.

All confirmed participants have received detailed information about their Dialogue via email. It will unfortunately not be possible to sign up for a Dialogue at the Forum, as all the sessions are at capacity.

TITLE: Aligning Investments for People, Planet and Profit

SUMMARY: This session links perspectives from the upcoming EAT-Lancet Commission with the ongoing work and imperative of investors, policy makers, civil society leaders and scientists in order to leverage investments for people, planet and profit.

CO-ORGANIZERS: Pictet Asset Management, Aviva & UNICEF

ROOM: Jupiter, Level 3, Quality Hotel Globe

TITLE: Everyone Eating Well Within Environmental Limits

SUMMARY: This session presents the modeling process used by FABLE to iteratively develop national roadmaps to ensure healthy and sustainable food and land use systems, in order to solicit feedback on input parameters, scenario options, and output results of FABLE country models.


ROOM: Saturnus, Level 3, Quality Hotel Globe

TITLE: Fertile Ground for Debate: Closing Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loops

SUMMARY: This session aims to validate and verify key assumptions regarding NP cycles, present the current stage of understanding regarding both nutrients and food, and develop a preliminary list of actionable intervention options safeguarding both food security and planetary boundary targets.

ROOM: Jungfru/Vågen, Level 5, Quality Hotel Globe

TITLE: Leveraging Healthy and Sustainable Diets Through Agricultural Policy Reform

SUMMARY: This session explores ways that a ‘results-oriented’ EU agricultural policy could be shaped to underpin the uptake of healthy, sustainable diets.

CO-ORGANIZERS: European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) & Eating Better

ROOM: Pluto, Level 3, Quality Hotel Globe

TITLE: Protein, People, Planet: What’s the plan?

SUMMARY: This session presents a four-dimensional solutions framework (environmental, social, dietary health, and business case) which sustainably produced meat, meat alternatives such as synthetic meats, or plant/fungal based proteins can be evaluated against.


ROOM: Skytten/Vattumannen, Level 5, Quality Hotel Globe

TITLE: Putting Food in Food

SUMMARY: This session presents a four-dimension solutions framework (environmental, social, dietary health, and business case) against which specific packaged and processed food items will be evaluated for their positive contribution to EAT-Lancet targets.


ROOM: Tre Kronor, Level 5, Quality Hotel Globe

TITLE: Smallholders and Powerholders: Transforming Food Systems from the Ground Up

SUMMARY: In this session, smallholder farmers themselves take the center stage in the conversation about their role in the food systems transformation.

CO-ORGANIZER: Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM)

ROOM: Oxen/Väduren, Level 5, Quality Hotel Globe

TITLE: The Big Catch: Collaborative Ocean Action Towards Food Security

SUMMARY: This session discusses how to unlock the innovative potential of our ocean economy to achieve global food security without compromising prospects for future generations.

CO-ORGANIZERS: The Government of Norway, The Government of Sweden & Stockholm Resilience Centre

ROOM: Stora Stjärnrummet, Level 11, Quality Hotel Globe

TITLE: Urban Food Environments: Making Healthy and Sustainable Societies the Default for Children

SUMMARY: This session investigates how to shape the food environment in urban areas so that healthy and sustainable becomes the default, with a particular focus on children and the foods to which they are exposed and have access.


ROOM: Lilla Stjärnrummet, Level 11, Quality Hotel Globe