Lorna Maseko

Portrait of Lorna

Lorna Maseko, better known as South Africa’s culinary princess, is one of the country’s most-recognized public figures. She is more popularly-known from her work on TV but that’s not all; in addition to having presented several popular TV shows, Lorna Maseko is also a Celebrity Chef, an Executive Producer, a Choreographer, a bubbly Master of Ceremonies and an Entrepreneur. Having come from humble beginnings – growing up in the township of Alexandra, Lorna Maseko prides herself in empowering and inspiring many South African women. And, of course, owing to her upbringing, passion for empowerment, and love for the culinary arts, Lorna often hosts cooking seminars that portray the beauty of cooking, beyond the ordinary cliches of it being an ordinary chore that women are subjected to. Lorna is an overachiever so when she was told to reach for the sky, she aimed for the stars instead – ultimately becoming one herself. One of Lorna’s greatest achievements was being crowned as South Africa’s premiere black female ballet dancer, which lead to her being the first black ballerina to ever dance a principal role in South African theatre. Lorna has become a captivating brand as a whole, and loves creating memorable and engaging moments within every sphere of her life.