Guido Girardi

Medical Doctor and graduate of the Universidad de Chile, Senator serving the City of Santiago, Author of the Chilean Nutritional Labeling and Advertising Law, a model initiative in the Americas region and across the globe, and Specialist in public health, environment and science, technology and innovation. Girardi has been the driving force behind multiple issues, including medical patient rights, pharmacological regulation, the Universal Donor Law, tobacco laws, food loss and food waste norms, the introduction of a fast food tax, among others. Between 2011 and 2012 he was President of the Senate of Chile, as well as Vice-President of the upper house in 2017. He is currently the President of the Health and the Future Challenges, Science, Technology and Innovation Commissions of the Senate. Through the latter, he created and drove the Futures Congress, Latin America’s most prominent science, technology and innovation event.