EAT is partnering with a range of foundations, organisations and companies from the academic, public, business and civil society sectors, who serve to provide strategic advice and financial support to EAT. Corporate partners are carefully selected companies that have a clear sustainability profile and a strong focus on healthy and sustainable food products or production practices. EAT delivers unique value to its partners through its collaborative network, annual and regional meetings and other activities.

Founding partners

Our Founding Partners are renowned not-for-profit foundations that contribute to EAT with expertise and by funding specific segments (i.e. the work of the Advisory Board and the work on the scientific guidelines), as well as by overseeing the content of the Forum program through the Competence Forum. The funding may also include fees for the Advisory Board, travelling costs and meeting expenses, in addition to the employment of research assistants to serve the Secretariat.

Executive Business partner

Strategic partners

The Strategic Partners comprise a carefully selected group of relevant and highly recognized, intergovernmental organizations, professional associations, trade unions and NGOs contributing to with their competence and expertise, ideas and engagement, relevant network and distribution channels. The Strategic Partners benefit from and contribute to the global knowledge base to inspire the intellectual agenda of the Forum meetings; sharing best practices through participation in or facilitation of EAT talks and plenary discussions.