Swedish International Agricultural Network Initiative (SIANI)

SIANI’s mission is to ‘Promote dialogue and collaboration on sustainable food security, with a focus on low-income countries’. 

SIANI is a member-based network that supports and promotes Swedish expertise and provides an open and interactive platform for engagement and dialogue in a global context. SIANI facilitates activities across the sector with diverse membership including government, civil society, private sector and academia. SIANI provides the opportunities to come together to address a wide variety of areas within the global agricultural and development sector which include focus on food security, poverty reduction and environmental sustainability.

SIANI is a key actor in driving Swedish discourse on agriculture, food security and development for poverty reduction.  SIANI is a neutral platform where many divergent opinions can meet and discuss sensitive and pressing issues.  Our members are drawn from all sectors of the Swedish Resource Base and include many of their immediate partners in low-income countries.  It is these actors who simultaneously are the source of our knowledge and the recipients of it – SIANI is the facilitator of knowledge exchange.  Through linking to SIANI, EAT is able to access our established networks and members to further the impact of its work.