Norwegian Seafood Council

Norwegian Seafood council is the Norwegian seafood industry’s organization working with: Joint marketing for Norwegian Seafood, market information as NSC is the industry’s main source of statistics and trade information, and communication in order to strengthen the reputation of seafood from Norway with active and reliable information. The Norwegian Seafood Council’s headquarter is in Tromsø, and have offices in thirteen of Norway’s most important seafood markets. The seafood industry is financing Seafood Council’s business through a levy on Seafood exports. Norwegian Seafood Council is a private limited company owned by the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries.

Healthy and sustainable seafood is an essential part of the answers to the important questions raised by EAT, and the Norwegian seafood industry combines these two aspects. Having unique natural conditions combined with a long tradition for seafood, Norway is in front of and serves as an international example of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. The Norwegian Seafood Council believes we can contribute within the EAT-initiative to tell the stories about seafood the Norwegian way.