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Identifying Questions 

  1. EAT will work towards building consensus on an initial, scientific ‘2 degree’ target for food.
  2. There was a major breakthrough in commitments to global action to mitigate the impact of climate change when the ‘2 degree’ target was introduced. A similar science-based consensus is needed to establish the parameters of healthy and sustainable diets.
  3. EAT will generate independent, trusted knowledge to inform change-makers’ decisions


Translating Knowledge into Action 

  1. EAT will work to reform global, national and local governance around food systems.
  2. EAT will influence and align political and business action.
  3. EAT will translate knowledge into action working through strategic partnerships.
  4. EAT will scan the horizon for new partners to drive reform in critical sectors and regions.


Engaging Stakeholders | Amplifying the Message | Influencing

  1. EAT will grow its global food forums to be the go-to events for bold and disruptive ideas, uncommon collaborations, new research, new solutions and new connections.
  2. EAT will tip the scales by setting a new narrative for sustainable and healthy food.
  3. EAT will work with partners to put in place integrated accountability and measurement reports.
  4. EAT will grow, develop and streamline its operations to align with its ambitions.