Michael La Cour

Managing Director, IKEA Food Services AB

Driven by the IKEA vision to create a better everyday life for the many people, Michael La Cour has been leading the development of IKEA Food Services AB for the past three years with a main focus on health and sustainability. The main objectives of this transformation is to move IKEA Food towards a wider offer of delicious, healthy and more sustainable food, easily available and affordable for the many.

Michael has an extensive working experience from the food retail business sector prior to joining IKEA, where he has now been working for the past two decades. He started out as a Country Manager at IKEA Indonesia to become a Deputy trading area manager for IKEA in South East Asia. He has been an IKEA Store Manager in the USA and a Business Manager for one of the Business Areas at IKEA of Sweden.

Michael holds a Master’s in Business Administration, specialized in international management, from Aalborg Business Academy.