Dr. Bruce Tolentino

Deputy Director General (Communication and Partnerships), International Rice Research Institute

Bruce has served as IRRI’s Deputy Director General (Communication and Partnerships), since 2012, returning to IRRI after an earlier stint as Research Associate in the Social Science Division in 1980-81. Bruce is also the elected Secretary to the IRRI Board of Trustees. Bruce leads several key areas of IRRI programming: fund-raising, communication, and partnerships with donors, international and regional organizations, national governments, and agriculture-related ministries and agencies. He also oversees IRRI’s legal services.

Bruce earned a Ph.D. in Economics at the University of Hawaii and the East West Center, and a Master’s in Economics at Xavier University in the Philippines. He served as Deputy Minister/ Undersecretary of Agriculture of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food/ Department of Agriculture of the Philippines from 1986-1993.

With more than 35 years of progressive experience in governance, management, analysis, and planning socioeconomic development reforms and initiatives, Bruce has successful projects with NGOs and government agencies in Asia, Africa, and Central America under his belt. He has served as a consultant on development issues for the Philippine Government (both executive and legislative branches) and international policy research and donor agencies, including CGIAR institutions and various UN agencies, the World Bank Group, and ABD.

Bruce has extensive field experience in top management of large-scale, governance, rural, agricultural, and agro-enterprise development programs. His experience includes working under difficult conditions, including civil war and cross-cultural/religious contexts.

Bruce also has substantial research work and teaching experience, both in formal and non-formal settings. His publications focus on governance and economics in the development context, specifically on food security.