Alva Lim

Founder & Director, Agora Food Studio

Born in the Philippines, she grew up in Australia where she received her B.Economics/Econometrics (Honors) and worked for the Australian Treasury as an economic policy analyst covering issues on climate change, APEC, agriculture and food policy. She is also a Japan Monbukagakusho Scholar where she received her Masters in Public Policy, after that she worked for the United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace, Tokyo.

Recently, she has lived in Timor-Leste for the last 6 years working for NGO and bilateral donor programs on nutrition-sensitive agriculture and agro-biodiversity.

She is the originator of the Timor-Leste Food Lab | Agora Food Studio concept and the co-founder of the Slow Food Chapter in Dili. As Founder and Director of Agora Food Studio, she is the ‘Head Tastemaker’, training 16 Timorese youths in the arts of tasting, sensory analysis, fermentation, cooking and menu planning.