Medicon Village

Strategic partner

Medicon Village is designed to foster unique and innovative collaborations among academy, innovators and life science industry.  We offer a unique environment for life science organisations; integrating research, innovation and enterprise and thereby creating the conditions for improved health and well-being. Today Medicon Village is home to hundreds of researchers and experts within life science. Being an ecosystem we want to speed the translation of promising new life science discoveries “from idea to market.”  Also, our aim is to secure that needs and requirements from the market is transformed into ideas for researchers and innovators, i.e “from market needs to innovation”. Around 1100 persons and more than 100 organisations are present at Medicon Village. Medicon Village supports research and innovation that promotes a healthy way of living. By partnering with EAT, we want to explore and develop processes for facilitating the distribution of healthy meals, e g in the public sphere. With joint forces, a strong brand and a global platform for visualizing the results, we want to prove that Diet Matters.