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What started as a small butcher shop in 1937 is today the most modern and automated kitchen/charcuterie/bakery in the Nordics. And as a family-run company with three generations of experience from the food industry we understand the challenges ahead. 

Our approach is simple – make it easier to eat less meat by developing tasty alternatives. And by combining the best ideas from organic and conventional farming we believe we can produce meat in a sustainable way.

Our latest project is about circular agriculture. We feed our pigs with bread waste from our bakery. The manure is spread on the fields where we source our wheat and the fats from the cooking process is used for heating. The pigs are happy because they are bred outdoors and in deep straw barns -and happy pigs means no antibiotics. And yes you’re right, this is not a new idea, it was actually done for the first time somewhere around 12.000 BC.

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