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EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia October 30-31, 2017

EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum 2017

The world faces a fundamental challenge in sustainably feeding a healthy diet to at least nine billion people by 2050. Diets and a well-managed food system play a decisive role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. As the most populous region in the world, the Asia-Pacific is pivotal to combat malnutrition, deforestation, air pollution and curb rising greenhouse gas emissions.

«It is my sincere hope that the first EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum will be a catalyst that triggers the transformation of the region and the achievement of the SDGs» H. E. Professor Nila Moeloek, Minister of Health, Indonesia

To catalyse a transformative shift in the Asia-Pacific food system, the EAT Foundation and the Indonesian Ministry of Health will host the inaugural EAT Asia-Pacific Food Forum in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 30 – 31, 2017.

The Forum will convene global leaders and key stakeholders across sectors and disciplines, to advance action, foster scientific collaborations, facilitate sharing of best practices and co-design solutions to address the region’s most pressing food-related challenges.

Topics will address the interconnected goals of the SDGs and highlight the synergies between agriculture, health and the environment, including the double burden of malnutrition, urban food systems, sustainable aquaculture, antimicrobial resistance, deforestation and land use change.


The Ministry of Health of Indonesia. Minister of Health, H. E. Professor Nila Moeloek, has a long-time commitment to leading regional collaboration on taking an integrated approach towards transforming the food system for the betterment of public health and environmental resilience.

EAT Foundation (EAT) connects scientists, politicians, business leaders, chefs, innovators and change makers to create a healthy and sustainable global food system. We close knowledge gaps, translate research into plans of action, scale up solutions, raise awareness and create engagement. EAT has a track record of hosting impactful events, including the annual EAT Stockholm Food Forum.

More information about the EAT Asia Pacific Forum will be available in August.