Secure, functional and sustainable food packaging – an illusion?

Published June 1, 2015

Interview with Carmen Becker. Manager Director Carton Bottle, Europe & Central Asia,Tetra Pak.

The Swedish company Tetra Pac is a leading global provider of food packaging and processing solutions. That makes it a crucial partner in the quest for a more sustainable food production system.

The question is: is Tetra Pak conscious about its responsibility?

“Our sustainability work is focused on answering three key questions: what raw materials are we using? What`s the product impact over the lifecycle? And what happens to our packages ones used? We need to prioritize activities in all three areas, it is not one over the other, however the priority will change from country to country,” said Becker.

She argued that packaging is part of the solution for reducing the waste of food products.

“A package use resources to protect more resources – the food itself. The solution can actually be more packaging, how strange that may seem. But on the other hand, this is not a carte blanch for our industry to do whatever we want. We have to upgrade our offering to become more sustainable.”

Becker explains how increased use of renewable materials is not only a part of the solution but tangible goal for the future.

“We have to move away from the fossil materials and enable food manufacturers to combine cost-effective production and competitive business with minimum environmental impact.”