Science Liaison Officer to the EAT Initiative

Published November 13, 2015

The EAT Initiative is moving on, both transforming its organization and strengthening its science team.

Over the last two years EAT has grown and established itself firmly on the global stage.  It has moved rapidly and achieved a great deal but the ambitions are even loftier. 

To achieve its ambitions, EAT has decided to further strengthen the organization to ensure that it can grow in line with its strategy and have the resources to follow up the many initiatives we have targeted.  The first of these changes involves the establishment of a new foundation.  This EAT foundation will allow other new foundation partners to come on board as core funders alongside the existing founding partners.

EAT will recruit a full time Science Liaison Officer to strengthen EAT’s team and have focus on strengthening our science team to keep pace with the growth and ambitions. The new Science Liaison Officer will report directly to the Science Director and will be based in Oslo.

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