Debate: Food and antibiotics in Norway



Together with the Norwegian Institute for Public Health and One Health Norway, the EAT Initiative addressed the issue of Food, Human Health and Antimicrobial Agents.

The seminar was held on Monday, November 24th
Oslo Congress Centre, Youngsgate 11, Oslo

Antimicrobial agents are essential drugs for human health and animal health. Antimicrobial resistance is the development and spread of resistance to these agents following their use and misuse. Antibiotics are used when feeding animals not only for treatment, but also for disease prevention and growth promotion globally. Feeding animals antibiotics subsequently contributes to resistance problems in human health and thereby represents a food safety issue.

Preventing and controlling antibiotic resistance is a complex issue which involves many different sectors and requires a comprehensive approach and international cooperation. Animal producers, veterinarians and veterinary/food safety authorities, together with other stakeholders, have a key role in preserving the power of antibiotics at the origin of the food chain.

In Norway, the use of antibiotics for growth promotion is prohibited, yet the prevalence of microorganisms resistant to antibiotics has increased drastically over the last two decades. Antibiotics are therefore a relevant issue when feeding the Norwegian population.

Therefore we invite to this public meeting addressing food and antibiotics in Norway.

Prof. Camilla Stoltenberg – Director-General Norwegian Institute for Public Health.
Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen – Founder and Chair Stordalen Foundation and Director EAT

Key Note
Prof. Dag Berild, Senior Consultant, Oslo University Hospital
Carolina Sachs – Secretary-General, Antonia Ax:son Johnsons Foundation for Sustainable Development
Arnt Harald Stange – Farmer and Owner, Stange Farm

Geir Pollestad –  MP, Central Party
Peder Støre Amundsen – One Health Norway
Anne Hilde Midttveit – CSR Responsible, Lerøy Seafood
Arne Kristian Kolberg – CSO, Nortura
Prof. John-Arne Røttingen – Director, Norwegian Institute for Public Health

Dr. Hege Gjessing – President Norwegian Medical Association and Vice Chair EAT Advisory Board

Erik Wold