Video: “Google has everything to do with health, food and sustainability”

“Many public and private organizations are doing extensive research to find the ‘right’ answer to the challenges we collectively face,” said Michiel Bakker, Director of Google Global Food Services

Google Food has applied its company mantra “launch & iterate” to food production as well.

He explained how food has been at the heart of Google’s culture since the very beginning in 1999.

“Today Google Food serves up over 75,000 meals every day. As Google has grown, it has continued to invest in making its programme free to employees, supporting its renowned culture of collaboration and innovation while supporting the Google community to be at its best,” Bakker concluded.

“We are actively exploring and experimenting with a range of ideas, all aimed towards impacting Googlers, our communities and the broader food system,” he said.

Bakker emphasized the importance of action-based learning and experimentation for all organizations involved in the catering and hospitality business.

“What we learn through these experiments can lead us to the development of sustainable solutions to these real and significant problems,” Bakker stated.