Expert Workshop: Metrics For Healthy and Sustainable Diets

Coinciding with the 2nd International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) in Rome, the EAT Initiative organized an expert workshop together with Global Forum for Agriculture Research (GFAR), World Health Organization (WHO) and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs 

“If we can measure it, we can change it”

The theme of the workshop was metrics for healthy and sustainable diets.
The workshop was hosted at the Norwegian Embassy, Via delle Terme Deciane 7, Rome and took place November 21st 2014.

Despite close interdependencies, food production, nutrition, public health, climate change and environmental sustainability are still largely addressed as separate agendas in science, policy and business, an approach that has proven insufficient in effectively tackling these challenges. Thus, in order to feed a growing population whilst tackling health and environmental problems related to food, it is urgent to first identify food production practices and diets that aim at meeting public health, environmental as well as socio-economic goals.

The objective of this workshop is to convene an interdisciplinary group of leading experts to discuss and provide feedback on how an integrated framework on metrics and associated indicators can be developed. This initial framework will serve as a basis for assessing the environmental, social and health impacts related to the various steps in the food supply-chain, in the broader aim of defining what constitutes sustainable and healthy diets. A major objective will be to agree on a range of key sustainability, health/nutrition, and socioeconomic parameters to constitute the skeleton of the multi-metric framework.

 The 30 experts that gathered are world leading experts from the fields of food and environmental sciences, agronomy, veterinary medicine, trade and economics, public health and nutrition.


09:00       Welcoming remarks by co-organizers and workshop chair

(Ambassador Jostein Leiro, Director of EAT Initiative and Stordalen Foundation Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen, Executive Secretary of GFAR Dr. Mark Holderness, Director of Nutrition for Health and Development, WHO Dr. Francesco Branca, City University London Professor Tim Lang)

09:15      Populating a multi-metric framework for healthy and sustainable food: The range of indicators, parameters, obstacles of data generation and access to data.

(Chair: Director of Nutrition for Health and Development, WHO Dr. Francesco Branca)

10:30       Coffee break

10:45       Multi-metric framework in Global Governance: How to measure and implement Sustainable Development Goals and ICN2 Outcome.

(Chair: Coordinator of Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Tom Arnold)

12:15     Coffee break and light snack

12:35     Setting parameter “boundaries”: Defining the threshold for healthiness and sustainability for individual foodstuffs or entire diets

(Workshop Chair: Professor of Food Policy, City University London, Tim Lang)

14:05    Summary & next steps

(Workshop Chair: Professor of Food Policy, City University London, Tim Lang)

14:15    Italian Lunch with guests

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